Cary Geihs volunteered to  design  this web site  as a member of a small committee of 5 people, that represented the Avila Beach Bird Sanctuary. Unfortunately, the committee was dissolved . 

Cary enjoys spending time photographing birds and studying the different kinds of avian that reside within the Sanctuary. Thus, as this site continues to evolve in the years to come, the hope is that people from around the world can see through his photographs the beauty of the Sanctuary, and the different types of feathered creatures and wildlife that reside in this unique and flourishing habitat.

Fifty (50) percent of Net Profits from this site will be donated to a Bird Sanctuary Project within San Luis Obispo County; Fifty (50) percent of Net Profits of this site will be donated to a wildlife care  facility within the State of California. 

Below is some history.

Pursuant to (Resolution 2013-293) In 2013, the community of Avila Beach requested the Board of Supervisors to designate the area within the boundaries of the Avila Beach Community Services District as a bird sanctuary to promote the appreciation, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems, focusing on biological diversity of birds in Avila Beach; the protection and promotion of biological resources within the County.

The Avila Beach Bird Sanctuary designation is likely to increase awareness and educate the public on the importance of birds and their habitats and has the potential to be a cornerstone for conservation and ecotourism to build from in the future.

If you have any questions you can contact Cary at: Avila Beach Bird Sanctuary.

Thanks for visiting AVILA BEACH BIRD SANCTUARY website; hope you enjoy and happy birding.

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